Why LED profiles?

An aluminium profile is an ideal radiator – it carries away the heat from the LED light source.

(compare: the picture of an infra-red camera).

Lower temperature creates better conditions for the diodes which, automatically, prolongs the LED life and preserves the initial quality of emitted light for longer.

This also translates into economic issues – the light source needs replacement after a much longer time. The aluminium profile is an investment which pays.

The aluminium profile protects the LED light source against mechanical damage. This installation is much more durable than a LED strip glued directly to the substrate. It looks better and is easier to keep clean.


TOPMET offers LED aluminium profiles of 4 types of finishing:

  • painted white – powder paint coating
  • anodized aluminium in silver colour
  • anodized aluminium in black colour
  • raw aluminium – a cost-efficient version, non-resistant to damage. Anodized versions of high resistance to scratches are used most readily. The anodized coating thickness is 15 µm on all our profiles.


The Design still works on enriching our offer with subsequent components which facilitate installation and multiply the number of combinations and facilitate connections or installation.

Apart from the system holders matching many different profiles, a lot of collections includes also solutions dedicated to more advanced, specialist needs.

The accessories to LED profiles include but are not limited to: plugs, covers, holders, extension arms, connectors, pressures, lugs and many others.

All profiles are unique, designed by TOPMET designers.

All the designs are reserved – protected by law in the entire European Union.

TOPMET profiles, accessories and luminaries are made in Poland.

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A special SLICK socket allows for clicking-in a slid-in cover for comfortable mounting and disassembly.