TOPMET profile categories


LED aluminium profiles category of the most multi-purpose use.

The SLIM8, SMART10 and WIDE24 profiles are fitted with the SLICK socket – this provides easy mounting and disassembly of the cover. An advantage of SURFACE10, SURFACE14 and LINEA20 profiles is hidden mounting (invisible holder).

Mounting on a flat surface, usually with aluminium or steel springy holders, but also with screws or assembly tapes.



A profile mounted in a groove has the advantage of giving the lighting surface almost aligned with the wall or furniture surface.

Mounting of profiles requires preparing the surface – cutting a long hole in the furniture (GROOVE10, GROOVE14) or in a gypsum-cardboard panel (FLAT8, DEEP10), or leaving appropriate distance while tiling (FLOOR12).



To be used in the corners of walls, furniture or display cases. Mounted with holders, screws or an assembly tape. An advantage of the CORNER10, CORNER14 and CORNER27 collection is hidden mounting. These profiles allow for directing the light beam at an angle of 30° or 60° onto the lit surface.

A CABI12 profile, designed for glass display cases. Used to avoid dazzling. The light beam can be directed at an angle of 30° or 60°. With the symmetrical cross section, it can be fitted at 90°, in the corners. Glued to the glass.



The profiles for glass are used to exhibit objects in display cabinets, they illuminate advertising or decorative sanded graphics.

EDGE10 – unlike the others – is fitted onto the shelf front which enables lighting the objects on or under the shelf (as the profile is turned by 180°).

They are mounted onto a glass sheet but they are not a shelf-supporting structure.



A group of profiles which can be used for many purposes: on-wall, under-ceiling, architectural, staircases, dressing rooms… Specially designed for more specialist purposes.

One of them is the PEN8 profile, with the highest number of holders (extension arms, flat holders, straight holders, strut holders…) to create a series of combinations and achieve various light effects.

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A special SLICK socket allows for clicking-in a slid-in cover for comfortable mounting and disassembly.