TOPMET assembly solutions for a quick lighting arrangement

TOPMET sees your needs.

A rapidly changing world requires the ability to quickly adapt to different situations. To meet the requirements of customers arranging spaces, including commercial, sales, market, TOPMET offers new mounting solutions for LED profiles.


The first proposition is quick-to-install magnetic holders in two sizes.
The holders are made of strong neodymium magnets that allow you to fix the lighting profile on a metal (ferromagnetic) surface. The application density depends on the weight of the product and the type of mounting surface (example use for the SMART16 profile with LED strip, diffuser and endings on an unpainted steel surface: 3 pcs / running meter). Magnetic holders are mounted with double-sided adhesive tape.
See how easy and quick it is to install the profile:


Another product that can be quickly arranged is a very strong, double-sided HPX tape. Sold in rolls of 5 meters, transparent and reinforced with mesh.
The tapes can be mounted on a variety of surfaces. They allow you to mount the TOPMET LED profile quickly, permanently and without drilling holes.
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