LED accessories

Various LED light sources and electronic component can be used with LED aluminium profiles. LED technology is developing dynamically, thus, the range of possible choices increases. The order of elements is crucial – the right order is presented on the left/right.

From among the light sources, we can choose LED strips of various density (i.e. power and lumen output) and various width. They also differ in the light colour – a few different types of white, primary colours, RGB, warm and cold, as well as those with adjustable light colour. The most popular are 12 V LED strips, but 24 V are also available.Apart from the LED strips available on the market, there are also LED modules installed on a stiff base. They are usually characteristic of much better parameters and light quality. Waterproof light sources and components are a special part of the offer.

More about LED strip installation in Installation of a LED strip.

Depending on the LED choice, select the other accessories, i.e. cables, connectors, switches, controllers and feeders.

If you want to connect a few light sources to one feeder, you can use a mini-connector with 6 sockets or a LED voltage divider. Our offer includes cables of various lengths. There are cables used for one-colour LED strips, as well as special cables for RGB strips and separate ones for waterproof strips.

The lighting set can be enriched with various types of comfortable switching, dimming or colour change solutions. Mechanical switches are also available – integrated with a cable or intended for connecting directly to the LED light source, under a cover and inside the profile. Turning-on is possible both by touch or by radio waves – with a remote control and a controller. Both the colour (if appropriate light source has been chosen) and the light intensity can be adjusted.

Feeder selection demands calculating the power which will be consumed by the light source acc. to the manufacturer’s suggestions. The current voltage is 220-240 V at the feeding side, 12 V or 24 V respectively is sent to the light source.

We also offer 220 – 240 V cables to connect the entire set to the power source. An ordinary cable is 4 m long, while a cable with a foot-operated switch is 3.5 m.

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A special SLICK socket allows for clicking-in a slid-in cover for comfortable mounting and disassembly.