COMBO30 – Creative spatial solutions, multi-armed connections and up&down lighting possibilities

New product for Q4 2021. COMBO30 is a system consisting of 3 aluminium profiles and many accessories. It allows for flexibility in creating extensive lighting.

A feature of the COMBO30 family is the ability to create stable multi-armed connections (up to 8 arms emerging from a single connection point).

Available angled connectors: 45 deg, 60 deg, 90 deg, 120 deg, 135 deg, 180 deg.

Additionally, it is possible to create vertical-horizontal connections using a separate 90 deg connector.

Thanks to the possibility of detaching the profile along with the LED source and power supply from the whole luminaire, installation and service is easy and convenient.

The system is suitable for both suspended and surface luminaires. In order to meet the customers’ expectations, the latest profile in the system – COMBO30-03 in combination with the COMBO30-01 profile enables the creation of luminaires which shine both upwards and downwards at the same time.

For the COMBO30-01 profile, the maximum width of the LED source is 30 mm, while for the COMBO30-03 profile, the width of the LED strip is 10 mm.

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