How to place an order? Is it possible to collect the goods personally, in your premises?

We recommend placing orders by e-mail, phone, fax or personally. Personal goods collection is possible during the showroom opening ours. Please, arrange the date and time beforehand.

What are the opening hours of your showroom?

We are waiting for you Monday to Friday, 08:00am - 05:00pm.

Is it possible that you send the goods ordered to an address indicated by us?

Certainly, we send the goods by GLS courier service; the cost is PLN 27 or PLN 21, if we get an advance payment. Dispatching abroad – we export our products to all continents via n international courier service. The 3-metre-long profiles are sent by specialist transport; prices are set individually.

How can I get information about your goods and receive support before purchasing?

It is worth starting with our website – you are encouraged to get familiar with our Inspirations and Support. The other questions will be answered by e-mail or by phone. You are welcome to contact us!

Can I return the goods I have bought?

Yes, if the goods are new and undamaged – upon the purchase receipt. The Quality Manager takes a decision on the complaint within 14 days. The right to complain does not cover customised products.

Are the TOPMET products covered with a guarantee?

Yes, we give a one-year guarantee for TOPMET all products and accessories. We give a 3-year guarantee for LED light sources and strips by OSRAM (provided the OSRAM accessories are used).

Is the entire TOPMET offer available on the spot?

The lighting systems and LED luminaries are made at request, the completion time is 5-7 working days. 90% of profiles and special-purpose accessories are available in the main storehouse, in our premises. Standard products are available on the spot.

How long are the sections of LED profiles and covers sold? Can I order a non-standard section length?

We sell profiles and covers in 1- and 2-meter-long sections. It is possible to order profiles in 1- and 4-meters-long sections (if you collect them by yourself). Obviously, we also cut profiles at the Customer request, provided the order includes at least 50 pieces of a particular length. Completion time – 3 working days.